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 Managed It Services Common Internet Provider Questions

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PostSubject: Managed It Services Common Internet Provider Questions   Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:55 pm

One of the many services that managed IT services provide is assistance with setting up internet for their clients, to help them get connected and also find the package that best suits their needs. If you are such a client, who is looking for some advice on how to choose the best internet service provider options, then consider these commonly asked questions to help you know what to look for and what to ask your managed IT services expert:

- What are the choices when it comes to internet service providers?

With a number of key players in the internet service provider (ISP) game, you can choose between a number of operators such as Telkom, iBurst, Mweb, Neotel and many others. Plus, many mobile communications companies such as MTN and Vodacom also offer internet options. Many managed IT services companies have special offers and excellent deals with their preferred ISPs, meaning that they are able to recommend the best ISP that will give you an excellent deal.

- Which type of internet access should I choose?

The most widely used internet type is ADSL or Broadband internet, which gives you non-dial up access whenever you need it. There is also 3G internet, which is commonly used on smart phones with internet access and wireless internet too. This can be confusing if you are not familiar with these options ?speak to your IT expert if you have any doubt on which option to choose.

- Modem or wireless device?

As a general rule of thumb, managed IT services experts advise that if you are using a desktop type of computer, then a modem is best. If you are using a laptop however, it makes more sense to use a wireless device or USB modem, as these options are space effective and easier for portable internet.

- How much bandwidth do I need?
You may need anything from a small 500MB package all the way through to unlimited bandwidth packages. Many ISP packages give you the option of topping up if you run out, so if you ever do find yourself needing more bandwidth on any given month, you will be able to top up fairly easily.

- How will I be using my bandwidth?

Managed IT services experts recommend that you consider the most common things you plan to do online to work this out. Are you planning to do a lot of browsing, downloading, watching of online videos, listening to music online or other bandwidth intensive activities, or do you plan to simply use your internet to email, do occasional browsing and use Facebook to stay in touch with old friends? How you use your internet on a daily basis will determine how much bandwidth you use.

- Does my data carry over?

Some ISPs allow data to be carried over. This means that if you have 2GB this month, and you don抰 manage to get through it all, whatever is left will be passed over to the next month. This means that you can always have enough ?provided you don抰 use your entire cap every month.

- Do I get email addresses with my internet access?

Almost every single ISP will give you email addresses along with your internet access. Mostly, these will be a 憏ourname@ispname.co.za?type of address, and your managed IT services company will be able to set this up on Microsoft Outlook ?you can also go to your mailbox online whenever you wish to access your emails.

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Managed It Services Common Internet Provider Questions
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