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 Dell Poweredge T110 Server

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PostSubject: Dell Poweredge T110 Server   Dell Poweredge T110 Server EmptyMon Nov 14, 2011 3:33 pm

Dell has always been a fine company in providing computing solutions for all sorts of people, and it continues its good run in the field of business computing as well, with its impressive lineup of servers. The Dell PowerEdge T110 is a fine example of how Dell takes its customer satisfaction very seriously. The T110 is an ideal server for small scale businesses, and it would no doubt be a good choice for start-ups which are looking for an affordable yet powerful server solution. The impressive specs of the Dell T110, coupled with its compact design, make it an excellent choice for small businesses, or just about anyone looking for a compact server.

The T110 features an Intel Xeon Processor, capable of handling heavy loads required by server applications, and there are options available to modify the processor. An important feature of this server is that it features up to four hard disk bays. This is very surprising for a server of this size, and it no doubt makes an excellent choice, because with four hard disks, a lot of important data could be easily stored and managed, without the worry about any of the data being leaked out due to security reasons.

Speaking about security, the internal locked-down USB ports are very useful to administrators in enforcing any security features that they might want to implement in order to make the data more secure. This is yet another selling point for the T110. What makes it more interesting is the inclusion of a chassis-intrusion switch, which sends out an alert that the internal system components have been accessed or modified. This allows the administrator to check whether there has been any breach of data. This is no doubt a very useful security feature for the T110. The RAID options that are provided further bolster the security features of the T110.

The server has low-flow fans which are designed in such a way that they spin faster, but produce much less noise, thus allowing the server to meet the load of the work, and at the same time the work environment will not be disturbed with any sort of noise from the fans. This is especially useful when the office is full of servers and there is a loud noise expected from the fans. A silent office calls for more productivity, and that is what the T110 promises.

The Dell PowerEdge T110 is no doubt the most cost-effective solution available for small businesses who are looking for a capable server to meet their workload. With up to 16GB of memory, the T110 is quite capable to withstand a lot of work, and yet comes up with an impressive performance. There have been a lot of praises for this particular model and it continues to be one of the top-selling products for Dell. It would no doubt make an excellent choice for a company which is looking for a decently priced server which will provide a strong performance each time.

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Dell Poweredge T110 Server
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